Trois Ruisseaux


Click below to ski Trois Ruisseaux

DIRECTIONS: Turn right at top of highspeed hybrid gondola/chair and follow signs. Some ice. Good pitch…for speed. Winding, rolling, interesting.

Trois Ruisseaux Ski-Cam

Click below for Trois Ruisseaux Ski-Cam video

Trois Ruisseaux 2 

It bears repeating—Trois Ruisseaux at Mont Orford is an excellent cruiser. So have another go…

Trois Ruisseaux 2 Ski-Cam 

Here’s Trois Ruisseaux again, Ski-Cam version

Trois Ruisseaux 3 to Mont Giroux ♦


This video shows the route (it isn’t difficult) to Mont Giroux.

Click below to ski Trois Ruisseaux 3

DIRECTIONS: As above, for Trois Ruisseaux.

Trois Ruisseaux 3 Ski-Cam

Click below to watch the Ski-Cam video of the same run

Trois Ruisseaux 4

Here’s Trois Ruisseaux, Version 4. (Hey, it’s a nice run…)