Saas Fee

Come to Saas Fee for your Swiss ski vacation and you’re surrounded by traditional architecture, and magnificent 4000 meter plus peaks, and not by cars. Bavarian chalets, not BMW’s, because, just as in Zermatt, cars are banned from the town.  Which means a quieter, more relaxed vibe prevails. There’s plenty of accommodation, too.

HANDOUT - Ski und Snowboard in Saas-Fee. (PHOTOPRESS/Saas-Fee)
HANDOUT – Ski und Snowboard in Saas-Fee. (PHOTOPRESS/Saas-Fee)

The skiing? For intermediates, Saas Fee is heaven—there are plenty of blues and reds. While experts will enjoy the off-piste and glacier runs.

As most of the runs are north-facing, and high altitude, snow is reliable. National ski teams train here for that reason. There is even year-round skiing on the glacier.

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This is the Saas Fee Trail Map.