McCulloch (via Dunzee/Fripp) 


Click below to ski McCulloch via Dunzee/Fripp

DIRECTIONS: From the Télécabine Express (Express Gondola) go left, past the top of the TGV and take Fripp. (It should be the first run you come to.) On this day, Fripp was short, steep, icy. But McCulloch is a great cruiser, and by taking it to the TGV lift, you avoid the run-out. And BTW, I did not hit the max speed of 40 MPH on the pitch at the beginning.


McCulloch (via Dunzee/Fripp) (Rev) 

Click below to ski McCulloch via Fripp (Rev)

DIRECTIONS: As above. This video is here for two reasons. First, obviously, because it’s an interesting point of view. And second because it gives you a better idea of how steep the runs can be. And for the record, it’s the camera that’s reversed, not the skier…

McCulloch to TGV 


Click below to ski McCulloch to TGV

DIRECTIONS: From the Télécabine Express go right. (Note the position of the chalet at the beginning of the video.) Or from the Le Soleil chair you can go left. McCulloch is well-marked. Note: At :24 you see where Dunzee enters McCulloch from the right.

The advantage of this run is you avoid the long run-out by not going all the way to the base. McCulloch is an excellent cruiser.