Click below to ski Magnum

DIRECTIONS: From the top of the Mont Giroux Highspeed Quad Chair North, turn left.

Magnum starts off steeper at the top. And then is wide open and groomed. With moguls along the left side under the chair if you like bumps.

Magnum Ski-Cam 

Click below for the Magnum Ski-Cam video

Here’s another look at Magnum. Click below for two versions of local Marc Jussaume’s run down Magnum at Mont Orford…

Magnum 2 Ski-Cam 

First an on-the-deck look via the First Tracks Video Ski-Cam

Magnum 2 

Click below and follow local Marc Jussaume as he rips Magnum at Mont Orford, Quebec

I ski pretty fast. This guy skis faster.