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Click below to ski L’Espoir

DIRECTIONS:  From the top of the gondola, or the Panorama Express chair, go left, and along the top. (Warning: It can be arduous. Mont Ste. Anne needs to install a chairlift to the La Crête chalet. Just saying…)

Go past La ‘S’ ♦♦, La Super ‘S’♦♦ (both challenging mogul runs). (Note: I have skied La ‘S’ groomed—no bumps—and it was incredible. I do not know how often this is possible.) Continue past La Saint Laurent ♦♦, La Brunelle ♦♦, to L’Espoir ♦, a single black diamond which was groomed for racer practice for a Super G race that day. La Crête ♦, another excellent run, was also closed to the public for the race.

One of the coaches invited me to ski L’Espoir.

So I had it all to myself. It’s a great steep run, with nice rolling terrain. Wide open, too. Speed and acceleration are always available by just staying in the fall-line for a second or two longer. (Although judging by my maximum speed, I didn’t fully exploit the opportunity…)

It joins La Saint Laurent and continues to the mid-mountain Panorama Express chair, allowing you to avoid the run-out.

L’Espoir—A good introduction to the expert area of Mont Ste. Anne, and well worth the minor trouble to get to it.