Grande Coulée

Grande Coulée


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DIRECTIONS: Turn right at top of highspeed hybrid chair/gondola and follow signs. BLUE, but still an excellent cruiser. A little steep section at the top, and then it rocks. Excellent cruiser. Be sure to take care at the beginning—there’s an embankment to the left that I didn’t investigate thoroughly, but you’ll see it’s kinda steep…  And a little later on, off the right side, too.

Grande Coulée Ski-Cam

Here’s a different perspective—the same run, but this time from the perspective of the ski-mounted camera. (I should point out it’s the wide-angle lens that makes it look like my skis are in a V and I’m snow-plowing the entire run—a 43MPH snow-plow !?)

Click below for ski-cam video Grande Coulée