Planning a ski or snowboard vacation? Consider Courmayeur. Located in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, Courmayeur is dominated by Monte Bianco (this is the Italian side of Mont Blanc), and is therefore a short Mont Blanc tunnel trip away from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, in France.


Cable cars take you from the town (and Courmayeur is a town) to the skiing above it, where there’s 62 miles of terrain to enjoy. With something for everyone: red and blue cruisers for intermediates, off-piste challenges for experts (Take a guide!)

Courmayeur skiing

And accommodation is plentiful in Courmayeur.

Click in the red navigation bar above. You’ll find a selection of skier-point-of-view (POV) videos of runs, so you can try a few before you go.

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This is the Courmayeur/Mont Blanc Trail Map.