First Tracks


Planning a ski vacation? This is where you ski the runs before you go. First Tracks is a collection of high-definition skier point-of-view videos. From skiers around the world. Videos that put you right there. On skis. On snow. On the mountain.

422 runs. 73+ resorts. 17 countries. 5 continents.

And there’s more to come.

Take a run? It’s easy.

1. Cursor over a country, and then a resort, in the red Navigation Bar at the top.
2. Click on a run.
3. GO.
4. For YouTube videos, click on the gear symbol  YouTubeGear2  to the lower right and select 1080p, and on the symbol for Full Screen  fullscreen-on-youtube1i
(But you knew that.)
Vimeo: Click on HD and choose the highest definition.
Mobile users: Select HD.

Go ahead, take a run—we can wait.
Just hit your browser Back button to get back to First Tracks.

More mountains. More resorts. More runs.

First Tracks will now be featuring the best mountains, and best skiing, from around the world with new videos added regularly. And often.

Know where you are, where you’ll be.

Yes, First Tracks Video is all about the runs—and you’ll find a lot of them—but there’s more. A lot more.

For many of the ski resorts you see on First Tracks, near the top of the resort page there’s an orange link to the resort trail map. Always open this first, by CTRL-clicking (Mobile users Tap and Hold) so you can refer to it before/after you ski each run.

Information vs. Entertainment

First Tracks has always leaned towards information, over entertainment. You’ll find a little more entertainment in some of the newer videos. A good thing, in my opinion.

Watch for regular updates.


 David Owen25Nov2014a
 David Owen
Chief Video Officer